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With the brain being the center of human functionality, keeping it well alert at all times is very crucial. While people can do this naturally through diet, exercise and good rest, using supplements give a direct and powerful boost. Nootropics are used to enhance the memory by keeping the brain healthy. Commonly known as ‘smart drugs,’ they have helped most people with various problems related to poor brain functionality. On this category of keeping the brain alert, two effective solutions would be either Modafinil or Piracetam. So, below is a highlight of Piracetam versus Modafinil.

Understanding Modafinil and Piracetam


fgdgdfgdfgdfgThis medication is a relatively new product and currently under research by military labs. The idea is to use the medication on army pilots who work for several hours that need top notch alertness and keenness to details. With the capability to trigger the brains neuroactivity the drug cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription. To recall some biology, dopamine is a key player in body focus ad cognition of different things. Therefore, when Modafinil increases its amount in the body, then the subject is assured to be very alert at all times.


This nootropic medication has been in use for decades now to keep people alert. It works through a very natural way of boosting blood flow to the brain and enhancing how it takes in oxygen. As a result, the subject will have a fresh memory. It also boosts acetylcholine for a better cognition functionality of the brain. This nootropic is also accredited for improving the accuracy and speed of processing information.

The side effects of piracetam and modafinil

gfhghgfhgfhgfhWell, everything with a pro must have a con. On one side, Piracetam has been shown to have few side effects which many people cope with. These may include mild irritability, insomnia, and anxiety. For the decades it has been in use, there have been rare cases where people complained of any severe side effects.

On the other hand, modafinil has been struggling to convince people it’s the best even after giving severe side effects like lack of sleep, allergic reactions and back pains. This has affected the popularity of the drug especially since it is a new entrant to the market.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, it is worth enlightening the readers the world anti-doping agency has banned the use of Modafinil. However, Piracetam use has no restrictions at all. Thus from the above highlights, Piracetam is the safest choice people have for their brain alertness and cognition-boosting.