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If you travel quite a lot across the globe, you must know how tiring it could be to spend countless hours on a flight. You sleep, wake up, read a novel; and you are not yet there at your destination.

ADASDSIn addition, long flights could be a risk to your health. For this reason, it is important that you come ready with all that you need. Moreover, whether you are a passenger, a flight crew, or a pilot sitting on a challenger 605 cockpit, it is crucial that you know how to stay healthy all the way to your destination. To give you a heads up before your next travel, here is how to protect your health during long flights:

Eat Healthy Before Your Flight

Since you already know the healthy choices for you, eat the right kind of food before your flight. Additionally, as much as possible, do not rely on the food served onboard since those types of meals do not cater for your health needs.

Bring Your Own Wipes

XZCXZCXZPathogens are all over the plane: on the seats, corridors, washrooms and every corner. Sadly, you could get an infection from all these. Hence, a good way to prevent this mess is coming with your own wipes. After all, nobody would stop you from bringing this with you. Every time your hands get dirty, you should use these wipes to keep them clean. If you have kids with you, it is recommended that you bring adequate wipes for all of you.

Dress Comfortably

Forget about the tight jeans and tops; you will want to remove them mid-flight. Instead, dress comfortably. It is worth noting that light and loose clothing should be an excellent choice for your long trip.

Avoid The Bar

Why not have that one bottle during the flight? Of course, you can, but this is not a good idea for a long trip. Alcohol will dehydrate your body. The low humidity in your cabin will make you less resistant to flu. Thus, stay away from alcohol if you want to get on the other side in perfect health.

Stay Hydrated

Water, from studies, is a great help during long flights. It could help prevent frequent hunger. If you stay hydrated, your body will be at an advantage to keep your systems balanced. Furthermore, the attitude change will not have an adverse impact on you during the long flight

Take A Nap

Sleeping on your flight is highly recommended since it will help you rest and relax. Always remember that lack of sleep could cause stress and put you in harmโ€™s way. However, if possible, bring your own blanket. Of course, do not forget your pillow.